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Technology is constantly changing, and our members take pride in staying current with the latest ways to implement these technologies. When you hire someone from our network, who knows the most efficient ways to take care of your bookkeeping needs, you get real-time financial statements and a partner to help you interpret the numbers and make good business decisions.

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   "Jenny vonBlankenburg has been a gift to me as a business owner. She has been a integral part of the success and year-over-year growth that my 5-year-old   Ecommerce business has experienced, and she has put in place invaluable measures to nurture and protect our growth for the long term.  Jenny is passionate     about her work and is ever willing to take on the ongoing challenges that our different marketplaces present. A problem solver by nature with a keen eye for detail,   Jenny has successfully set up our integration, reporting, tax and inventory systems. Jenny is a true joy of a person with first-rate communication skills and an   incredible work ethic. She would be an asset to any organization or start-up."  - Amy McKelvey, Her Vital Way LLC- Owner


   "BusiBee is an understatement for Simone Kopitzki's company name. She is the most efficient and responsive person I know. The time it takes BusiBee to clean up your books is really dependent upon you - the client. Once Simone has all the information she turns it around very quickly with specific questions if needed and foresight as to what you need to be planning for going forward. Always prepared, BusiBee keeps her clients prepped for deadlines. There are no surprises. Simone, the BusiBee is wonderful."       - Garrett O'Doherty, Synergy Meeting Solutions 

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Disclaimer -Marin Bookkeepers Network

Marin Bookkeepers Network is not an employment agency.  All members of the network, regardless of experience and/or expertise can respond to a job referral request.

We have not screened or pre-qualified applicants and no assurance is made as to their education, skills and expertise.

It is your responsibility to check a bookkeeper’s references and determine if the applicant is appropriate for the job.

Please refer to the Hints For Hiring Page for more information on screening an applicant.

Should you submit an application, please be sure to initial at the top of the Job Referral Request Form that you have read this disclaimer.

Hints for Hiring

Before you interview any bookkeepers be sure that you have identified:

  • Exactly what services you want a bookkeeper to provide, a detailed list will help.
  • How much time you think it will require, how often and any scheduling restraints.
  • Networking with other members (need Gabe's help with wording)
  • How much you are willing to pay and frequency of payment.
  • Any specialized accounting or software requirements.

Ask for a resume in advance of the interview. Once you have chosen your candidates, ask for three references

It is a good idea to use an application form that reflects current employment law.

It is imperative to do a background check once you have decided on a candidate, as you are entrusting this person with your confidential financial information and giving them access to your cash accounts, credit cards, etc. Many payroll service companies provide background checks for a reasonable fee even if you aren’t a payroll client.

Here are some ideas for questions to ask a prospective bookkeeper.

  • How many years have you been an independent bookkeeper?
  • Do you consider yourself a full charge bookkeeper? If not, what are your areas of weakness?
  • Are there bookkeeping services that you do not perform? (Typically this might be payroll.)
  • How many clients do you currently have? Briefly describe what you do for them.
  • What do you do to stay up-to-date on bookkeeping issues and software?
  • Do you generally coordinate your work with the client’s CPA? If not, why not?
  • How have you handled a difficult client?
  • What would your clients say about your work?
  • How would you describe your interpersonal skills?

How quickly can you respond to an urgent message from me?

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