In 1987 a few people got together and created a network for their bookkeeping peers.  They solicited  John Morre, CPA, to help guide this group of professional bookkeepers on a path to greater knowledge of bookkeeping, more education of the growing internet influence, and a place to expand their knowledge of the needs of their clients.  They also created a referral process where people needing a bookkeeper could go to find one who fit their specific needs.

The idea of working remotely has greatly increased the possibility of clients we are able to serve.  Webinars, both recorded and live have broadened our selection of presenters and increased the possibilities of education.  Monthly presentations keep us in touch with the additional new programs offered enhancing our ability to keep the records for the largest corporations down to the smallest dream of one creative person.

Our network of bookkeepers range from independent contractors to employees of large accounting firms.  Some work full time for only one client, and others work part time for many clients.

All of this has created the “Marin Bookkeepers Network” of today.  John Morre and Company are still the driving force of education and referrals with this network.