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January 18th

8:30 for Breakfast

Basic Sales and Use Tax Return Presentation

justin weistWe welcome Justin Weist with the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration, in short, CDTFA, formerly the BOE.

Justin is a Tax Compliance Supervisor in the San Francisco CDTFA office. From 2011 to 2013, he served as a Tax Compliance Specialist in San Francisco’s Centralized Collection Section. He began his career in 2008 as a Business Tax Representative in what was then the Board of Equalization’s San Diego office.

The presentation will cover Basic Sales and Use Tax, Basic Sales and Use Tax Return Presentation, and Avoiding Sales and Use Tax Mistakes.

February 15th

Noon for Lunch

John Morre -Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

JM Linked In Photo (2)He is a Certified Public Accountant. John has a Masters Degree in Taxation from Golden Gate University and has received the Personal Financial Specialist designation from the AICPA. He has been practicing in Marin County since 1979. In addition to an array of professional memberships, John serves on the boards of several non-profit organizations and conducts classes and seminars on tax and financial planning issues. John is a native of San Francisco and he and his wife are residents of Hawaii. John will discuss the new tax rules under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

March 15th

8:30 for Breakfast

Leslie Shiner

Leslie Shiner – Profit Begins with Planning

Leslie Shiner—author, speaker, and trainer—has more than twenty-five years’ experience as a financial and management consultant. She is the owner of The ShinerGroup, a consulting firm providing top-level financial and management consulting for the construction and home technology industry helping businesses maximize profits and gain financial control. As a business coach, she has worked with both small and large businesses to help them better understand their business practices and maximize their profits. Ms. Shiner firmly believes training and education is instrumental in the growth and success of any business. She is the author of “A Simple Guide to Turning a Profit as a Contractor.”

April 19th

noon for Lunch

Bookkeeping for Cannabis Clients

Luigi Zamarra

Owner of Luigi CPA, an accounting firm providing tax and consulting services to the marijuana industry. Luigi is a leading expert on IRC Section 280E issues. His clients span six states and include companies operating in a variety of related industries, including cultivation, retail dispensing, concentrate and edible manufacturing, and LED indoor grow lighting. He was also a featured speaker at many National Cannabis Industry Association events.

Member of BOTEC, a consulting firm providing advisory services to Washington State, the country of Jamaica and other governments related to regulation of the marijuana industry.

Formerly, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for Harborside Health Center where he was involved heavily in IRC Section 280E issues, including lobbying efforts and drafting proposed legislation to change the law.

May 17th

8:30 Breakfast

Retail POS

David Glantz (002)David Glantz – Principal of Business Cents – has been in software professional services his entire career with a focus on accounting, inventory, retail, technology and the connectivity between them. The last 15+ have been centered around the QuickBooks ecosystem with the financials at the core and ancillary systems that extend the capability of QuickBooks, such as Point of Sale, inventory management, eCommerce, and the resulting microcosms that have formed in these worlds. Business Cents is a 6-person Marin based consulting practice that just so happens to support these same pursuits.

In this session, David will provide an update on the world of Retail options.. why is Square so prevalent? What other retail apps are popular and why? What type of POS is better for particular industries – traditional retail, cafe, or restaurant? Which ones integrate with QB? And whatever else he happens comes up with between now and then. Oh, and he’ll show you a couple examples.

June 21st

Noon for Lunch

doug-002-1DougSleeter (@dougsleeter) is the founder and former CEO of The Sleeter Group. He is a passionate leader of innovation and change in the small business accounting technology world. As a CPA firm veteran and former Apple Computer Evangelist, he melded his two great passions (accounting and technology) to guide developers in the innovation of new products and to educate and lead accounting professionals who serve small businesses.

In 2017, Doug was inducted into The CPA Practice Advisor Hall of Fame in the accounting profession. He was also named to Accounting Today’s “Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting” each year 2008 through 2015. In 2013, he was recognized by Small Business Trends with the Small Business Influence Champion award. In 2015, he sold The Sleeter Group to Diversified Communications ( and the company has since become The Accountex Network. Always in search of the next big thing, he is currently focusing on digital currencies and blockchain technology. He believes these technologies will change virtually everything in global commerce.

The Next Frontier in Accounting Technology, and how it applies to bookkeeping today. The era of banks and governments exercising centralized control over commerce is waning quickly. Digital currency, blockchain technology, and smart contracts are disrupting nearly every institution across the global economy.  Digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ether have the potential to do for global commerce what Uber, VRBO, Airbnb, Facebook, and Twitter have done for several industries and social media. But that’s just the beginning of a whole new revolution for how business transactions will occur in the future.  In this session, you’ll learn what blockchain technology is, why we need it, and its’ future global impact, and how this effects bookkeepers today.

12 noon for Lunch

January 19th        Danielle Bardoloski ~ Work Place Ergonomics

8:30 for Breakfast

February 16th    Leslie Shiner  ~ TBA

12 noon for Lunch

March 16th         Samir Khosla  ~  Putting your client at the center of your practice

8:30 for Breakfast

April 20th   Wylie Lebo  ~  Veem

12 noon for Lunch

May 18th    Carrie Sheret/ Luigi Zamarra  ~  Bookkeeping for Cannabis Clients

8:30 for Breakfast

June 15th   Tori Kent ~ Do I Have to Pay my Employees for That?

Tori Kent June 2018 speaker

We will cover the audits that local businesses are reviewing as well as how bookkeepers can help the businesses they work alongside stay protected. I have been with ADP for 2+ years and I am a compliance/HR specialist. My job is to meet with small business owners in the north and the east bay to alert them of all the 2018 federal and state updates to regulations: OSHA/DOL/ICE.

July 20th   Jessica Greene  ~ Tsheets

T sheets

Jessica considers herself an Idaho native, and loves everything about living in the Boise area. She graduated with a degree in Theatre and Communications in 2012 from Whitworth University in Spokane, WA. After working a few different jobs, she found her home at TSheets in December 2014 on the Customer Experience team. Since then she has worked on the sales team and most recently in the Accountant Channel. Jessica has loved getting to know all of the TSheets Pros, and helping them recognize the value it provides to their own practice and their client’s businesses. When she’s not trotting the globe meeting accountants, you can find her performing improv with a local group, and spending time with friends, family, and her Chiweenie, Dexter.

August 17th   Umair Ahmed  ~   Hubdoc ~ Webinar


Umair is an Account Executive at Hubdoc. His role involves building relationships with accountants and bookkeepers across North America, learning how they operate their businesses and exploring how Hubdoc can help them streamline their workflow. In this webinar, we will explore how accounting and bookkeeping have been transformed by the advent of cloud accounting technology. We will begin by looking at what accounting and bookkeeping may currently look like at your practice and see how Hubdoc can help you save time, grow your business, and improve interactions with your clients.

12 noon for Lunch

September 21st   Bruce Berls ~  Internet Security

bruceberls092015_250x338 (002)

Bruceb Consulting is one of the leading IT consulting firms in the North Bay. For more than twenty years, Bruce Berls has been providing computer consulting and networking support to law firms, small businesses, and individuals. Bruce Berls started his career as a practicing California attorney, but he has been immersed in personal computing since 1982 when his first suitcase-sized computer was the envy of the lawyers at his firm. Bruce is also inordinately proud of his articles about technology – written in plain English! -at

Bruce will talk about computer and online security in 2018, a topic that unfortunately affects everyone all the time. You’ll get tips about how to identify dangerous links in your email; why antivirus programs aren’t as important as you thought; what to do when your computer starts shouting that you’ve been hacked; tips about passwords; and why you should never, ever call the 800 number. Frankly it sounds a bit gloomy, so there will be some digressions for stories of Chinese domain registrars, wire transfer scams, possessed routers, and buying espresso in Australia.

8:30 for Breakfast

October 19th   Geni Whitehouse CPA CITP   ~  Being Human in a Digital World

GW Headshot 1 Sm (002)

She is a regular keynote presenter at CPA and Technology conferences around the country and has been named a Top 100 Influencer by Accounting Today, one of 25 Thought Leaders in Accounting, and one of the 25 Most Powerful Women in Accounting by CPA Practice Advisor. She was a member of the TEDx Napa Valley organizing committee and was the first speaker at their inaugural event.

In this session, we will explore the unique ways in which today’s accountants can have a greater impact. As we leverage ever more technology to make the world increasingly monochrome, our individual differences, ability to question, and genuine human empathy are more meaningful than ever.  Leave this session with a connection between tools and techniques so you can make a real difference.

12 noon for Lunch

November 16th   Samir Khosla  ~ Putting Your Client at the Center of Your Practice

qbconnect11201 (002)

Samir Khosla is a product leader in the SaaS industry who has driven innovative apps for nearly 20 years. During his 14 years at Intuit, he led the development of products and features designed exclusively for accounting professionals, such as Client Data Review.  He is the recipient of the coveted Intuit Innovation Award. Now he leads a recruiting software division at Oracle and serves as an advisor to the Client Hub team.

Over the last few years, many accounting practices have defined standard workflows for their client services. Today they are asking, ‘How can we take it to the next level?’
Come hear about making your practice more efficient and get a demo of Client Hub, a brand new app for accounting professionals. Client Hub introduces the revolutionary concept of a shared workspace that puts you and your clients literally on the same page to eliminate your workflow roadblocks while improving client experiences.